How  Can You Help?

Many of our residents arrive at our homes with virtually nothing. The disease of addiction has cost  them their homes, jobs, family relationships, sense of dignity and self- respect. We strive to give our residents a hand up; not a hand out. Giving back to newer residents is also encouraged to our residents who have been in our programs for a period of time. “Older” residents assist the new arrivals in acclimating our program’s guidelines and expectations, as well as offering their experience, strength, and hope to help them pursue their own personal goals. As the late Pat Reese always said: ” Let’s try to leave the homes better than we found them.”

How Can You Help? There Are Things We Always Need:

  • Toiletry Items, such as disposable razors, shaving cream, bath soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, towels, and washcloths.
  • Bedding such as twin sheets, pillows, pillow cases and blankets.
  • Cleaning Supplies such as laundry soap, Clorox, Pine Sol, rags, scrubbing brushes, mops and brooms.
  • Paper Products, such as paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, paper plates and disposable cutlery.

We can always use non-perishable food items such as canned goods.

We need volunteers to teach reading and writing, and teach computer basics. We accept donations of computers, furniture, appliances, dishes, cutlery, nick-knacks, etc. to be sold at the Thrift store. Of course, we always accept monetary donations.

We also accept vehicles as donations because our residents often arrive here homeless and unemployed. In order to integrate successfully back into the community it would be a great help for our residents and families involved in helping make Myrover Reese the haven it is and in our residents success. God Bless and thank you so much!

If you are interested in making a donation or volunteering your time, please contact us at 910-779-1306

Myrover-Reese Fellowship Home
560 Wilkes Rd. Fayettevile, NC 28306