Veteran Services

Veterans  who reside here are connected through case management to services they may not have had the logistics to access in the past. Veterans are afforded the opportunity to attend outpatient treatment and aftercare; and through careful treatment-matching and referrals they may also be able to realize many needed services such as medical and dental treatment, work and education opportunities, and independent housing programs that can help them continue their journey in sobriety once they transition out of our program. Our Veterans Program is open to both male and female populations. During the transition (discharge) phase residents are connected to literacy programs, continued education resources, work programs, and even are linked to assistance with furnishing programs for their new residences. We work closely with Federally Funded housing agencies to help insure that our resident are appropriately housed upon discharge. We work with Veterans Treatment Courts to help some of our residents resolve past and pending legal issues, as well.

Myrover-Reese Fellowship Home
560 Wilkes Rd. Fayettevile, NC 28306