Program Guidelines


  1. Must be at least 21 years old.  Must have a valid picture ID.  Must be ambulatory and physically able to participate fully in our program.  WE ARE NOT A NURSING HOME OR A HOSPICE.
  2. Must get a N.C. State criminal background check.
  3. Must meet DSM-5 diagnosis for substance use disorder..
  4. Must be abstinent from alcohol and other drugs for a minimum of 7 days prior to admission.  You will be required to provide a urine sample for drug testing before being assigned a room.  If you test positive for any drugs other than prescribed medication, you will not be admitted.
  5. Must get a complete physical examination by a physician and a TB test.  TB tests can be obtained at the local Health Department. 
  6. Must attend and complete a substance abuse intensive outpatient treatment program.  If you are discharged for any reason prior to completion, you will be discharged from our program.
  7. Must have the ability to live in a structured environment.
  8. Must begin looking for employment after 60 days of admission. Clinical staff will meet with each resident about this rule. It is case by case.
  9. Must save 75% of your income, with the assistance of your case manager you will develop a personal budget. You are required to open a bank account of your choice, you must provide your case manager a copy of your income and deposit slips, staff will assist you in locating a bank or a financial institute to open an account with. You must keep receipts for all money spent and turn in to clinical staff.



  1. You will be restricted for the first 7 days (which includes no visitors, no phone calls and no leaving the property), except to keep appointments for scheduled substance abuse treatment, psychiatric services, medical services, probation, Court, Drug Court, TASC, Carolina Outreach, and AA/NA meetings.
  2. The home is supervised 24-hours per day/365 days per year.
  3. You must attend House Meetings held once a week on Wednesday’s following the completion of evening chores.
  4. You are required to provide a urine sample when asked to do so, which will be observed by a staff member. You will be immediately discharged if your urine tests positive for any drug (including alcohol) that is not prescribed by a physician.  You will be discharged if you refuse to provide a urine sample or if you are caught with alcohol or other drugs.
  5. If you are caught fraternizing with any of the men/women in the house or any person in outpatient treatment and or AA/NA meetings you will be discharged from the program.
  6. Discharge will take place if any of the following occurs: Leaving the VA Medical Center or Treatment Center before pass time including leaving treatment grounds to go to the store, breaking any laws, physical altercations or deliberate damages to property, caught with a weapon of any kind or staying out overnight except for weekend passes. Where you are dropped off is where you must be at.
  7. You are prohibited from having any type of pornography. This includes magazines, tapes, CDs, DVD’s,  Polaroid’s, etc. etc. There are no exceptions. This also means no electronic equipment besides MP3 players that do not have access to Wi-Fi.
  8. You are not permitted to have a motor vehicle on the property while residing at the Myrover-Reese Fellowship Homes unless approved by the Executive Director. If approval is granted for you to have a vehicle, you must provide copies of a valid N.C. State Drivers License, valid registration, and proof of insurance prior to vehicle being brought onto premises. You must get PRIOR approval from clinical staff each and every time before using your personal vehicle.
  9. You will be subject to disciplinary action or possible discharge for negative attitudes and behavior, verbal altercations, or confrontational behavior. Cursing, foul language or dirty jokes are not permitted and you will be subject to disciplinary action if you violate this rule. 
  10. Smoking is allowed in the outside designated smoking areas. Smoking is NOT allowed inside any MRFH buildings or vehicles. You must extinguish cigarette butts in butt cans provided throughout the property.  DO NOT discard butts in the yard or parking lots. No candles or incense may be burned anywhere in MRFH property.  If you are caught smoking anywhere except in designated smoking areas outside, you will automatically lose your next weekend pass. 
  11. Food or drinks are allowed in the dining room only. There will be no eating or drinking in the living areas such as bedrooms and living rooms. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Food properly stored in containers or zip loc bags may be stored in your room but not for consumption while in your room.
  12. You must sign-out when leaving the grounds and sign-in when you return.
  13. All medications must be turned into staff including over-the-counter medication. A staff member will administer your medication as directed by your physician.  All medication must have a doctor’s order for our staff to administer them to you including ANY AND ALL over the counter medications.  You must take your medication in the presence of a staff member. Any changes in dosage or if the doctor discontinues a medication must be accompanied by a doctor’s letter or new prescription, and you MUST notify house staff.  Anytime you have a Dr’s appointment or visit the emergency room, a doctor’s note should be taken for the physician to complete. You will be immediately discharged if you are caught with any medication (prescribed or over the counter) in your possession.   
  14. The kitchen is off limits except to staff or residents assigned kitchen duty.  If you are assigned kitchen duty, a staff or other resident will show you the way that we do things.  Permission from staff must be granted prior to entering kitchen for any other reason.  A resident needing a lunch for the following day should ask a staff member after the dinner meal to prepare a lunch for the next day’s meal..  Lunch should be prepared prior to bedtime.  A “resident” refrigerator is available in the dining room for personal food or drinks, food/drinks placed in this refrigerator should be marked with your initials.  CLIENTS should use only those items in the resident refrigerator marked with your initials or labeled “house”. Styrofoam containers are not allowed in the resident refrigerator. Unwrapped or open food is also not allowed.  Open soda cans are also not permitted in the resident refrigerator.
  15. You are required to clean up after yourself at all times. No personal items should be left lying around the dining room, TV room, or anywhere else except your bedroom.  You must throw away your own trash in the trash cans.  Push your chair back under the table when you get up.  Always turn off the lights and TV in living room if you are the last person to leave a room.  Please do not let the doors slam.  Keep your feet off tables, chairs, couches, or any other furniture.  Do not put your feet on a bed if you are wearing shoes.  If you make a mess, clean it up immediately whether it’s in your room, dining room, TV room, or wherever.  Laundry facilities are provided during the hours of 6AM – 830PM. The washer and dryer must be off during meetings, 30 minutes prior to meal times and are not allowed to be turned back on until all residents are finished with their meal. Laundry days are assigned depending upon which side of the house you reside.  Staff will let you know which days are assigned to you.  Sunday is open to all residents.
  16. The bathrooms should be kept clean at all times. Clean the toilet seat and the rim if you make a mess.  Wipe the sink and faucets dry after you use them.  ALWAYS wash your hands after you use the bathroom.  ALWAYS wash your hands before and after you get your meal or snack. 
  17. Please notify a staff member if you see supplies running low, such as paper towels, napkins, cleaning supplies or if a toilet is running or a light burns out. A staff member should be notified if you see anything broken.      
  18. You are required to keep your room neat and clean and your bed made neatly at all times. (Except, of course when you are sleeping.) Do not put anything under or on top of your bed.  Keep the closet doors shut at all times.  Dust and vacuum when needed.  Keep your personal items that are on top of the dressers and night tables neat and orderly at all times, REARRANGING THE FURNITURE IN YOUR ROOM OR SWAPPING BED LINENS are not permitted.  Matching bedding and curtains are provided in each room along with two pillows for each bed.  Bed linens must be washed once a week.
  19. Monday-Friday breakfast is served at 6am. You are responsible for getting yourself up in the morning.  You are not required to eat breakfast, but you must be present in the dining room no later than 6 am on weekdays.  You must attend daily morning devotion and meditation immediately following breakfast.  Lunch is served at 1pm Monday-Friday.  Dinner is served at 4:30 pm on Monday to Friday. Saturday-Sunday meal times are the same times with the exception of breakfast which is served at 7am.   
  20. Residents are required to do daily household chores, which are assigned weekly. A duty roster is posted each week.   A staff member or other resident will show you the way we do each chore.  You will also be required to do extra chores as needed such as mowing, raking, etc.  Morning chores are to be performed immediately following morning devotion and meditation.  Evening chores are to be performed immediately after dinner.  Extra chores are to be performed when told to do so.  If you refuse to perform your assigned chores, you will be subject to disciplinary action.  A staff member inspects all completed chores.  If you have not done your chore the way it should be done, you will be asked to do it again.  
  21. Monday through Friday, you must complete your morning chores, clean your room, shower and dress appropriately no later than 8:00 am. This means that at 8:00 am, whatever you are wearing is what you are planning to wear that day.  No lounging pajamas, short-shorts, halter tops, tank tops, tube tops or tops baring belly buttons are permitted.  No clothing is allowed that advertises any type of alcohol or other drugs.    You must shower every day.  Showers are to be taken after breakfast, morning devotion and completion of morning chores. Showers are permitted after dinner and evening chores.    If you have no money and need personal items such as a tooth brush, deodorant, soap, etc. please ask a staff member.        
  22. Hats and headgear are not allowed to be worn indoors. Head scarves may be worn for bed times only.
  23. A TV is provided in the living room. The TV is allowed to be used from 2-4:30 pm and after 6pm providing we have no other scheduled activity. The Living room door must be kept open at all times! Any type of devices such as TV, iron, washer/dryer and computer must be turned off at 4:30 pm. 
  24. Monday–Friday you are not allowed to lay down after 8:00 am unless you have permission from a staff member and then you are only allowed to lay on top of the covers. During the day, you should not be in your room unless you are getting something or putting something back.  You are not allowed to sleep in the TV room, dining room, Friendship Hall or any other MRFH property AT ANY TIME.  Saturday & Sunday–You may lie down on your bed during the day as long as your assigned chores are completed.                 
  25. We provide transportation to your appointments pertaining to your recovery program such as appointments with Carolina Outreach counselor or physician, court and probation. To be able to do this, we must know ahead of time when you have an appointment, so you need to let a staff member know as soon as you get an appointment so that we can put it on our transportation schedule.  We do not provide transportation for your personal business, Dr’s appointments, school or employment. Please see a clinical staff member if you need assistance with your appointments.
  26. If you are working or if you receive any kind of income such as SSI, disability or retirement, you are required to save 75% of your income and meet with clinical staff to report your income and create a budget sheet. It is your responsibility to set an appointment with clinical staff to review your income at the beginning of EACH MONTH. Non-compliance with this rule is as serious as a positive UA and immediate discharge is possible.
  27. You must be looking for employment after 60 days of admission. You may list the MRFH job line number on your applications (910-779-1350), it is your responsibility to check the voicemail daily. Whatever job you get, you must be back at home no later than 11pm. No resident will be able to remain in the home if they are not participating in treatment, working, or attending school. PLEASE NOTE THAT EACH RESIDENT IS A CASE BY CASE BASIS AND WILL BE STAFFED BY CLINICAL TEAM IN REGARDS TO WHEN YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR EMPLOYMENT.
  28. After the first initial 7 days, you may be eligible for two 4-hour passes a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 1-5 (Men) Monday and Friday (Women). Passes must not interfere with any scheduled activities or treatment. 4-HOUR PASSES ARE FOR TAKING CARE OF PERSONAL BUSINESS OR JOB SEEKING.  4-Hour passes are not for visitation!!  A 4-hour pass is available on Sunday, 10:00 am-2:00 to attend a religious service of your choice. You must provide your own transportation by a sponsor or family member.
  29. After 30 days, you must have an AA or NA Sponsor. After 30 days, if you have a sponsor, signed meeting sheets and no write-ups, you may be eligible for a weekend passes. The 1st and 3rd weekends are pass weekend for females and the 2nd and 4th weekends are pass weekend for the males.  NO passes will be given on the 5th weekend of months having 5 weeks.    Weekend passes begin at 10:00 am on Saturday.   Residents must return NO LATER THAN 8:30 pm Sunday. House and clinical staff have the right to deny a weekend pass. THERE WILL BE NO WEEKEND PASSES ON HOLIDAY WEEKENDS.
  30. Extra chores are assigned on Saturday mornings whether it is a weekend pass weekend or not. You must complete your extra chore before you can go on weekend pass.
  32. Sunday-Thursday: Prepare for bed at 9:45 pm.  All Lights, TV, phone, and radios must be turned off at 10:00 pm. Friday, Saturday, Holidays:  Lights, TV, phone, and radios must be turned off at 11:00 pm. All houses:  Friday nights, you must be in your rooms at 11:00 pm and lights out by 11:00 pm. Saturday nights you must be in your rooms and lights out by 11:00pm. The only person permitted to open exit doors after they are locked is staff. No resident is to go outside for ANY reason once doors are locked or before doors are unlocked in the morning.
  33. NO Cell phones will be permitted on grounds unless you have a job!!! Again there is a free phone for residents to use in administration building.
  34. If you are caught with a cell phone without permission of staff, or after hours that are allowed for cell phones, you will lose your next weekend pass or face possible discharge. NO EXCEPTIONS. Residents are not allowed to use another’s cell phone for ANY
  35. You may use the pay phone after the initial 7 days. You may not receive phone calls on the office phone.  Give the pay phone number to people you want to call you.  Time limit for each phone call is 10 minutes.  No back-to-back phone calls are permitted.   You must wait a minimum of 30-minutes between calls.  A call back call is considered two phone calls.  Residents are permitted to make 4 phone calls per day.  Do not abuse this privilege. 
  36. After the initial 7 days, you are permitted to have visitors. VISITATION WILL NOT INTERFERE with scheduled activities, including completion of chores, meals, AA/NA meetings, house meetings, and participation in substance abuse treatment. You cannot walk to your visitor’s vehicle at any time, your visitor must come into the home and sign in to the visitation book first! Visitation is NOT allowed in the TV room, bedrooms, any vehicles (this includes walking to meet visitors at their vehicle or walking them to their vehicle), Friendship Hall, or any other MRFH building.  Visitation is only allowed in the dining room or outside on the front porch or at the picnic tableYou are only allowed visitors of the opposite sex if they are a relative, spouse or long-time boyfriend/girlfriend who was listed on your application upon admission into our program.  Any other deviations on this policy must have prior approval from the Executive Director.  Staff discretion will be used to determine whether your visitor is appropriate to visit you while in our program.  Visitors are required to sign in upon arrival and state the name of the resident they are here to see and sign out when they leave.  You are responsible for your visitor and asking them to leave when visitation is over.  Making-out or other inappropriate behavior is not allowed and could result in your visitor being asked to leave and not allowed back on the premises.  All visitors are required to adhere to the same rules as the residents.  Visitors will be asked to leave and will not be permitted back on the premises if they are disruptive, arrive during non-visiting hours or if they are using alcohol or other drugs. No one is allowed to stand at the end of the driveway and wait for a ride or talk on cell phones! Your rides MUST pick you up from the house that you stay at, NO EXCEPTIONS!! Your children cannot be dropped off by themselves for you to watch unless prior approval from clinical staff!


      Visitation Hours are as follows:

                        Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

                        Tuesdays: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

                        Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Visitation schedules are available in the information rack in the front foyer for you to give to your visitors.

36)  You may visit with your AA/NA sponsor in the Friendship Hall with prior approval as long as it does not disrupt any program activities. You must notify staff that you are in the Friendship Hall with your sponsor.

37)  Any resident failing to comply with the Rules of the Homes will be disciplined as follows: 

1st Offense:      Written warning and counseling

2nd Offense      Written warning, counseling and loss of 4-hour pass

3rd Offense      Written warning, counseling and loss of two 4-hour passes

4th Offense:     Written warning, counseling and loss of week-end pass

5th Offense:     Possible termination.

Other disciplinary actions may be taken as deemed appropriate by the shift supervisor, such as loss of phone privileges, loss of visitation privileges, assignment of extra chores, loss of personal pass and weekend passes, etc. 

Admission to Myrover-Reese Fellowship Homes, Inc. is a privilege.  All rules are strictly enforced.


38) I understand that I am allowed on MRFH property as a GUEST solely at the discretion of administrative staff of MRFH. The administrative staff at MRFH may cancel this agreement at their discretion for any reason without notice. If your guest status is terminated the participant must leave the premises immediately. Should the person remain on the property after being notified of their dismissal from the program the individual may be charged with trespassing and forcibly removed by law enforcement.

39) Everything that is donated to the Thrift Store is considered property of MRFH, and unless you have Prior permission and approval from staff at MRFH, it is considered stealing and it is grounds for discharge.

40) You are NOT allowed to have visitors at the Thrift Store at any time.

41) Any extensions of treatment at MRFH must be approved by clinical staff and are NOT guaranteed.

42) Each resident is required to do 12 hours of volunteer time PER WEEK, unless you are working full time. If you are working full time you are required to do 4 hours of volunteer per week. NO EXCUSES. Non-compliance with volunteer time can result in loss of passes, extra chores, write ups, etc.

43) If you discharge from this program and do not take your belongings, you will have 30 days to pick them up, or your belongings will be donated to the Thrift Store and MRFH WILL NOT be responsible for your stuff.

44) You must have proof and documentation of all appointments outside of your treatment schedule and have prior approval from clinical staff to go somewhere that is not during your personal pass times. If staff does not have prior documentation of your appointments, you will not be permitted to go. Please see clinical staff with any questions.

45) You may not walk back to the administration building without house staff’s approval unless it is an emergency!

46) If you secure employment while residing in this program and do not have your own transportation, you must meet with clinical staff to set up your means of transportation to and from work. The number for Community Transportation is 910-678-7675. It is your responsibility to call and set up transportation for yourself. Please see clinical staff with any questions or concerns. Bus passes are given on a case by case basis.

Myrover-Reese Fellowship Home
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